Training over the Summer Break


Continuing training in the summer




With a three-month break from school many families take advantage of summer by going on vacations that are otherwise difficult to plan to take place during the school year. However, with this there comes a decrease in the overall training their child is participating in with any sport they are involved with, not just martial arts.


While family vacations and lazy days are a fun way to spend the summer, the less practice your child is participating in, the less progress they will be making towards their goal. In martial arts specifically, most children start with the goal to earn their black belt one day. With this goal, the child must complete a certain amount of belt promotions and taking a break from attending classes for the entire summer, or even just going to one class a week when they normally go to three during the school year can really set a child back in their goal. To ensure they stay on track it is especially important to keep their training consistent, especially in the summer when they are out of school and out of their routine.