This article is about how children’s Martial Arts programs teach kids self-control and self-discipline. Kids’ Karate at Martial Arts Fitness Academy Parents bring their children to our unique Karate program for a variety of reasons. Our Martial Arts programs motivate and lead youngsters to slim down, improve their body image, and increase self-esteem. Martial Arts […]

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The Karate for Kids programs offered at Martial Arts Fitness Academy, in Tallahassee, FL, are a great way to instill virtues like integrity, courtesy, and respect in children of the local Tallahassee community. Our state of the art Karate programs are proven tools to help teach children valuable life lessons. Some of the skills and […]

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Martial Arts Fitness Academy classes are led by a highly qualified team of instructors under the supervision and guidance of Martial Arts instructor Master Chad Wilbur. They have designed, incorporated, and tested a top tier Martial Arts training system utilized in class so that one can truly master the techniques of Taekwondo for adults. In […]

Karate is a Japanese martial art developed in Ryukyu Islands and influenced by Chinese martial arts, especially Fujian White Crane. It predominantly uses striking techniques such as kicking, punching, kicking, elbow strikes, and knee strikes. It also uses open hand techniques including knife-hands, palm heel strike, and spear hands. In some modern styles, grappling, joint […]