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I've been going to MAFA for year. I started off with the kickboxing conditioning classes to compliment my weekend Muay Thai/MMA training and it's been the perfect match. I've been in the best shape of my life since I started training here. I've also recently started taking the Haganah classes for sparring and scenario based self defense training. The training atmosphere is comfortable and friendly as well. The instructors are friendly to new students but the classes aren't too passive for the more experienced.

Rich Ewol March 9, 2017

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We did the free trial with our kids (Tiny Tiger Pprogram) and they loved it! Professional and super friendly staff. Lots of emphasis on respect and listening to adults...but in a really fun way for kids. Also a really nice clean establishment. The classes were well planned and organized. We were super impressed and as soon as we move closer to that side of town we will get then signed up right away.

Megan Burke March 9, 2017

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Great for kids of all abilities, adults too. Martial Arts are good for sensory integration, which translates into every part of a kid's life including school work. Instructors are realistic but encouraging. They will prepare you for the real world, build confidence, and help kids set goals. I recommend M.A.F.A. to everyone.

Rebbecca Evans March 9, 2017