Reality Based Training

Why should you get training that prepares you for the stress and craziness that will occur when your attacked?? Because you want to go into REACTION mode not SHOCK mode!!  With our Krav Maga program you will get the most realistic training being taught today!  From open hand self defense scenarios, knife defense, ground survival, stress and reaction drills and rifle and pistol defense you will be put in the mussel memory mode in no time!  Training is the key though, you must put the time in on the mat and train hard when you come in for your workout.  You want to practice like your going to perform so your body knows no different when it’s time to reacted! We have men and women in the classes and it is amazing to see the transformation these students go through and the confidence they achieve.  Krav Maga teaches reality and I know that if I want to learn self defense the first thing that comes to my mind is I WANT THE REAL THING! I want to be put to the test to see how I will perform because I would rather feel it first on the mats then on the streets for the first time.  Come join us for a month of free classes and check out our Krav Maga program for reality based self defense training…I promise you will not be let down!!  We are located in Tallahassee, Florida at 1891 Capital Circle NE unit #11 in the Live Oak Plaza.  We are at the corner of Capital Circle NE and Miccosukee.  Our phone number is 850-329-7643 Come check us out on the web at

How to disarm an armed carjacker
this is a scene where the attacker is in the passenger side seat and has a gun to the side of your head.