Active Shooter Training

It seems like every time I turn the news on there is an Active Shooter event that happened.  The trend is only going up, more and more Active Shootings so that means we need to get educated on how to react in these events.  The last thing you want to feel is your body going paralyzed and then you become another statistic on the news.  The people that have trained and educated themselves on how to react in these events will go into what we call the “mussel memory” phase. The first instinct should be to look for an exit away from the shooting and run as fast as you can. If this is not an option you should immediately start looking for a good place to hide, understanding the difference between “concealment” and “cover”.  Stay quiet and look for an opportunity to run or fight!  You really have two options in an Active Shooter event if you can not escape. Option one: Play dead and hope to stay alive or Option two: Get your mind and body ready to take down the attackers and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! Getting trained will boost your confidence and more importantly give you a plan to follow.  People without a plan will react totally different than people with a plan!  We host Active Shooter training at our facility all the time.  We feel the more people we can train and give a plan to the more people will never be a statistic.  Also, look for our ACTIVE SHOOTER online dvd series called “SURVIVE AN ACTIVE SHOOTER”!  You will be able to purchase this series and train your staff or your family and friends!  I will keep everyone posted on the launch of SURVIVE series.  Get trained, give us a call and set up a training course for your staff or family…I look forward to giving you a “plan”!